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Social Media Engagement Rates Dropping Across Top Networks

Discover median engagement rates for 14 industries on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter in the 2023 Social Media Benchmarks Report. Do you know what social media success looks like for your business? Like most areas of marketing, results vary based on industry, target audience, and the ability to create content that attracts customers. Rival IQ [...]

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Hard-Learned Lessons Of Social Media Marketing

Seventeen years after the dawn of social media marketing, this medium continues to be an intriguing puzzle—a place where brands are investing more time and money, but are still struggling to determine what works well and where the returns on investment can be found. Social media spending has increased by 200 percent in the past eight [...]

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3 Incredible Social PPC Hacks For Crazy Engagement & ROI

If you feel like you’re throwing money at social PPC but not seeing the best return possible — or worse, you’re doing it because you feel like you should but really aren’t sure how you’re doing — check these out. Quick Note: For the purpose of this article, we’re focusing only on social PPC as it’s [...]

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Marketing to women on social media

Forget about pictures of women smiling eating salads. Here are 5 ways to update your brand's approach to reaching women online. "There's really no growth in comfort," said Katie Raymond, social media marketing manager for Harman, "If you're feeling pretty comfortable in what your social strategy is in targeting women, then you probably need to [...]

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